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MusicCAST Yamaha MusicCAST Multizone system

Yamaha MusicCAST Multizone system


Interactive Wireless Music Network System

MusicCAST - Interactive Wireless Music Network System

MusicCAST is the world's first wireless, multi-room music network system. It offers all the benefits of a custom installation yet is so simple that you can install it yourself throughout your home. The clients, each sold separately, can be placed permanently in various rooms or moved around as desired. Everyone in the house can enjoy their own music, whenever and wherever they want to.

The MusicCAST system includes a main room "Server" and "Client" wireless receiving units with optional speakers. The Server features an 80GB hard disk, easy-to-use On-Screen GUI (graphical user interface) display with various menus, high speed CD ripping in Linear PCM or MP3 format, RS-232C port for connection to Yamaha AV receivers, and audio streaming from external sources. The compact Client units feature a 20W x 2 digital amplifier, LCD display, mini-joystick control, speaker and subwoofer outputs, and video output for menu display on TV.

Very Easy to Read and Use Menus
The graphical user interface and menus add a lot to the system's appeal. They are attractive and easy to use, so anyone from young to old can quickly select the music they want. They provide a great deal of information as well as a wide variety of functions and selection choices.

MusicCAST - Interactive Wireless Music Network System

High Capacity Music Databank
The 80GB hard disk will hold 100 CDs worth of non-compressed music, or up to about 1,000 CDs of music in compressed MP3 format. And by connecting external sources, old LPs and tapes can be copied also, so all your favorite music can be stored together for easy access. Radio and other sources can be streamed live to each Client.

Linear PCM Ripping, Audio Master Quality Recording
MusicCAST meets Yamaha's high standards for sound quality. CDs can be ripped in Linear PCM format, so no quality is lost, and Yamaha's exclusive Audio Master Quality Recording provides extra-high sound quality. Each client has a digital amplifier, so every room enjoys high sound quality.

Wireless Multi-Room, Multi- Source, Multi-Selectable System
MusicCAST offers music distribution to eight different locations (Server, 5 wireless Clients and 2 wired Clients). The IEEE 802.11b wireless protocol broadcasts the signals to the Clients throughout the house or even outside. Any source (internal hard disk or connected external sources) can be selected from any location.

High Sound Quality
CDs can be copied onto the hard disk in Linear PCM format, meaning no compression is used, ensuring full digital quality. For extra high quality, Yamaha's exclusive Audio Master Quality Recording mode can be used. Even in MP3 format, digital quality is good. Each Client has a digital amplifier, so quality in each location is also excellent. The Server can be connected to a Yamaha AV

Receiver via an RS-232C cable for high sound quality and other advanced functions, including automatic surround sound program selection depending on the genre of the selected song. Client preout and subwoofer out terminals allow connection to an audio system in any room for greater enjoyment.

The MusicCAST wireless, multi-room music network system now offers greater convenience and flexibility with the introduction of the stylish new MCX-C15 in-wall mountable digital audio terminal and MCX-CA15 companion amplifier.

MusicCAST - Interactive Wireless Music Network System

MCX-C15 Digital Audio Terminal
Designed for easy wall mounting, the MCX-C15 adds versatility to the MusicCAST system with several great new features.

Favourites Selection - allows direct playback of various sources. Each of the four Favourites buttons can be assigned the following functions: playlist, analogue or digital inputs from Server, tuner presets, local Aux input from MCX-CA15. Favourite selections can be made even when the MCX-C15 is in sleep mode.

IR Flasher Support
The MCX-C15 supports limited IR transmission functions for custom installation. IR signals from the MCX-C15 can be transmitted to the MCX-CA15 or the I/O Box, and can drive an IR flasher for remote control of other components. The function works on only 38kHz modulation frequency.

* IR flasher units are not available from Yamaha.

Yamaha AV Link - the MCX-C15 can generate extended IR commands to control a Yamaha amplifier/receiver, if more power is desired. The following functions can be controlled via the MCX-C15 remote control: volume, input selection, tuner preset selection, sleep and standby modes.

Other notable features:

  • Full playback functions from MCX-1000 Server
  • Bright, clear LCD display
  • Repeat, Random, Bookmark, Auto Play and timer functions
  • Easy-to-use on-screen display
  • Flexible connectivity
  • I/O box, remote control unit and AC/DC adaptor included

MusicCAST - Interactive Wireless Music Network System

MCX-CA15 Companion Amplifier
This multipurpose in-wall amplifier is perfectly matched for the MCX-C15 audio terminal.

It provides high quality power to speakers (17W x 2) and features a subwoofer output and video output for on-screen display on a TV. The MCX-CA15 includes a power amplifier, input selector and DC power distributor, however the MCX-C15 can be used without the MCX-CA15 by connecting the supplied I/O Box.

MCX-1000 (Server ) - $3,499
MCX-A10 (Client) - $1,499 (with bonus MCX-SP10)
MCX-SP10 (Client Speakers) - $199
MCX-CA15 RRP: $899

Price  $2999.00
List price $3499.00 ~ You save $500.00

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