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CDR-HD1500 Yamaha CDR-HD1500 CD recorder

Yamaha CDR-HD1500 CD recorder

CD-R/RW + HDD Digital Audio Recorder

The CDR-HD1500B is perfect for versatile, convenient, high capacity digital recording.

Ripping, editing, playback and burning new CDs
If listening to music is important to you, the CDR-HD1500B is going to make your life a lot more enjoyable. You can rip over 200 GB onto the hard disk, then group the songs together for playback and recording. Creating your own personal CD collection is also easy and fun. Youíll also appreciate the CDR-HD1500Bís superb audio quality, high speed operation, versatile functions and fast music access. In fact, the more you use it, the more youíll realise that this is a machine designed by music enthusiasts, for music enthusiasts.

High quality recording and playback
The CDR-HD1500B uses a Linear PCM recording system, which means the music signal is recorded without being compressed, so no quality is lost. In addition, recording from CD to hard disk and back to CD maintains full digital quality throughout the process. A high performance 24-bit D/A converter ensures optimum audio reproduction and a 24-bit A/D converter is used for best quality analogue source recording. And unlike PCs with a hard disk and CD recorder, the CDR-HD1500B is designed exclusively for audio use ó all memory and technology is dedicated to maximising audio quality.

Audio Master Quality Recording
Audio Master Quality Recording is an exclusive new Yamaha recording process that provides even higher quality when creating CD-R discs. It creates bigger pits and lands (the space between pits), enabling higher recording accuracy. In fact, it raises recording quality to the level of professionally prepared music CDs. This type of recording requires a hard disk drive for greater capacity, so it is only possible with the CDR-HD1500B.

Flexible editing functions
The hard disk drive makes it possible to edit the stored music before creating a new CD, unlike ordinary CD recorders which donít let you edit once the music is recorded. The CDR-HD1500B takes full advantage of this ability, offering a large choice of editing features. Individual tracks can be combined, split, faded in/out, moved, erased and more, all with no loss of quality. You can even edit during playback. In addition, you can create and edit your own disc, album and track titles via the Jog dial or a PC.

Handy Album function
The unique Album function is another great feature of the CDR-HD1500B. First, you select songs on the hard disk and mark with a bookmark, even while they are playing. You then transfer the bookmarks to a stored play list called an Album. The hard disk can hold up to 999 Albums, each with up to 99 songs, made up of any combination of songs on the hard disk. These personal Albums can then be used for playback or for burning new CDs.

More editing convenience
The Bookmark function can also be used when youíre playing a single CD loaded into the machine. This lets you copy selected tracks off the CD, instead of the whole disc. There are also a number of Album editing functions available. You can adjust the volume level for each track on an album and the length of the intervals between tracks, shuffle tracks by reassigning track numbers within an album, and more.

Large storage capacity and external source recording
Whether you use the CDR-HD1500B for playback or recording youíll be delighted at how much music it holds. You can record over 120 CDs worth of music onto the 200-gigabyte hard disk. And unlike most HDD music servers, the CDR-HD1500B also lets you record 10 minutes of other sources, such as long radio broadcasts, tapes or records. In fact, this is a great way to archive your old music sources ó record them onto high quality, non-degradable CD-R/RW discs.

Fast recording, quick access to music
Recording 300 hours is a great advantage, especially because the CDR-HD1500B copies the music data onto the hard disk at 10 times normal speed. So a CD only takes five or six minutes to input. Making new CDs is fast, too: eight times normal speed onto CD-Rs and four times faster onto CD-RWs. And with the Jog dial, just a flick of the wrist lets you select any disc, album or song for instant play ó itís even faster and easier than ordinary CD players.

More recording convenience
The CDR-HD1500B offers timer recording compatibility so the power can be controlled by an external audio timer. This lets you record radio programs when youíre away or just to be sure you donít miss them. Thereís also a Synchronised Recording mode with adjustable parameters for detecting track intervals.

RS-232C interface
An RS-232C interface is provided so the CDR-HD1500B can be used with a computer in a custom installation.

Other notable features:

  • On-screen display lets you view disc, album and track titles on a TV or monitor
  • Title input with PC (via RS-232C)
  • Time search ó useful for searching long recordings, such as those recorded from the radio
  • Digital and analogue recording level control
  • Automatic synchronised sampling rate conversion: 96kHz, 48kHz, 44.1kHz, 32kHz
  • Copyright protection
  • SCMS (Serial Copy Management System)
  • Digital Move ó transfers copy protected data from the hard disk to a blank disc, then erases it from the hard disk
  • Analogue copy ó copy onto a blank disc, data remains on hard disk

RRP: $1,399

Price  $1325.00
List price $1399.00 ~ You save $74.00

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