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DVD-S657 Yamaha DVD-S657 DVD player

Yamaha DVD-S657 DVD player

DVD-S657B Progressive Scan DVD Player

The DVD-S657B is a slim progressive scan DVD player with outstanding picture and sound quality featuring DVD-Audio/Super Audio CD playback.

Progressive Scanning (NTSC/PAL)
Progressive scanning provides maximum resolution for a smoother, film like image when viewed on a high definition TV or large screen. The DVD-S657B offers progressive scanning of both NTSC and PAL signals.

High performance audio and video digital converters
The DVD-S657B features a new high performance video DAC that ensures superior image quality with all video sources. A high performance 192kHz/24-bit audio DAC delivers sound quality that is superior to even some more expensive players.

CD Upsampling
CD Upsampling (2x and 4x) raises the CD sampling rate, for a smoother sound, enabling CD playback to approach the quality of DVD-Audio. Once CD Upsampling is selected, it is automatically engaged whenever a CD is played.

Audio Direct
Audio Direct can be selected to ensure that no interference from the video circuitry will affect the sound.

DVD-Audio and Super Audio CD playback
The DVD-S657B is compatible with both DVD-Audio and Super Audio CD. These multi-channel music formats provide extremely high sound quality and a surround sound music experience that is much more natural and life like than normal stereo.

Easy operation with GUI (Graphical User Interface)
The DVD-S657B makes operation extremely simple by displaying a variety of clearly understandable GUI menus right on the TV or monitor screen. It’s easy to select and adjust any desired function with the remote control.

Versatile playback
You can view CDs with pictures, both Picture CD and JPEG types. Convenient functions allow you to zoom, rotate, flip and scan the pictures. The DVD-S657B also provides full MP3 compatibility, including Fast Forward, Rewind, Repeat and Shuffle Playback functions.

Versatile format and disc compatibility
The DVD-S657B is compatible with a wide range of disc formats: DVD Video, SVCD, VCD, Picture CD, Audio CD, DVD-VR, as well as discs with DVDR/- RW* (including VR format recorded DVD-RW with CPRM†), DVD+RW/+R* (including DVD+R Double Layer††) and CD-R/RW*,**,***. It is also compatible with MP3, JPEG, DivX and WMA multi-session discs with navigation display.

Night Mode
When you’re listening to movies late at night and turn down the volume during loud scenes, dynamic range suffers and you may miss some dialogue and other sounds. Night Mode enables you to reduce the volume and still enjoy proper tonal balance and dynamic range.

Other notable features:

  • JPEG/MP3 simultaneous playback for slide show
  • 3-Step dimmer
  • CD text display (English only)
  • Sleep functions
  • Screen saver
  • Resume (5-disc memory) play
  • Multiple repeat play and program play
  • Multiple Zoom function to vary image size
  • NTSC/PAL conversion
  • Child lock function (DVD and VCD)

RRP: $349

* Only compatible with discs that have been finalised when recording is completed. Some discs may not play due to disc characteristics or recording conditions.
** Only compatible with discs that have been recorded in CD-DA format or Video CD format and Super Video CD format.
*** Some MP3, JPEG, DivX or WMA discs may not play due to disc characteristics or recording conditions.

† Capable of playing DVD-RW discs recorded in VR format.
†† Capable of playing 8.5GB double-layer DVD+R discs.

Price  $349.00

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