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RXV657 Yamaha RXV657 receiver

Yamaha RXV657 receiver

The RX-V657B 7.1-channel receiver features 665W (95W x 7 RMS, 8 ohms, 20 Hz – 20kHz, 0.06% THD) and provides many exclusive Yamaha functions including YPAO automatic optimisation, Quad-Field CINEMA DSP, component video up conversion and dialogue lift.

Digital ToP-ART and High Current amplification
The Digital ToP-ART design concept combines the latest and best technologies, parts and circuit designs to maximise sound quality. High Current amplification uses superior components to achieve high current power with low impedance from input to output.

Pure Direct
Pure Direct is a special listening mode that provides the highest possible signal purity. It can be used for both analogue and digital sources, with two-channel or multi-channel inputs. When it is selected, the signal follows the most direct path and power to the video and FL display circuit is shut down. Certain modes are not operational and even the display is turned off, lighting for only a few seconds when a function is used. A blue display indicates that the Pure Direct is engaged.

YPAO acoustic optimisation system
Yamaha’s unique YPAO system analyses the acoustics of your room and adjusts various speaker parameters to provide optimum sound at the listening position. Naturally, like all Yamaha user-friendly models, settings can be made manually, and there is a Default mode to revert to factory presets and an Undo mode to revert to previous settings.

Custom installation compatibility
The RX-V657B is designed for use in custom installations. A Zone 2 output allows the audio signal to be output in a second room, and you can even enjoy audio in three different rooms by using Main Zone speaker output, Speaker B output, and Zone 2 output. A 12V trigger output can be used to automatically power on Zone 2 components. There is also an IR port, with extended IR code compatibility.

Dialogue Lift
When the centre speaker is below a large screen, the sound of the dialogue is oriented below the picture, which can sound strange. Dialogue Lift performs signal processing on the centre channel signal and presence channels signals, orienting the sound of the dialogue to the proper position. By matching the location of the dialogue to the screen image, it provides more natural reproduction.

Quad-Field/Tri-Field CINEMA DSP and 14 surround programmes
Yamaha’s ultra-sophisticated Quad-Field and Tri-Field CINEMA DSP technology creates realistic soundscapes in your lounge room. Fourteen surround programmes provide full format compatibility and extensive listening choices.

Audio Delay
The Audio Delay function on the RX-V657B matches the audio to the timing of the video on the screen (also known as lip sync), correcting the audio-video time lag sometimes caused by the complex internal processing of some display devices.

Night Listening Enhancer and SILENT CINEMA
During low-volume listening, such as late at night, dynamic range suffers and you may miss some sounds. The RX-V657B features Night Listening Enhancer, with two modes, Cinema and Music, and three-level selectability, which will ensure that you don’t miss movie dialogue or quiet passages, or lose overall surround spaciousness. It works for all surround programmes, including Dolby Pro Logic IIx.

SILENT CINEMA mode allows private surround sound listening enjoyment of multi-channel music or movies through ordinary headphones.

High performance D/A converters
The RX-V657B uses extremely high performance 192kHz/24-bit D/A converters for all channels. They perform accurate sound field reproduction for high quality multi-channel sources and provide outstanding separation and precise musical delineation for two-channel stereo. They also deliver superior low level linearity with excellent full-scale performance. Advanced decoding circuitry featured in the RX-V657B also performs Dolby Digital EX, DTS-ES and Dolby Pro Logic IIx decoding with extreme accuracy.

Component video conversion
The RX-V657B features automatic video up conversion (composite to S-Video and component, S-Video to component) and down conversion (S-video to composite). Simply use the best possible cable between the receiver and the TV, and whatever the source is, you are assured of getting the highest possible quality.

Other notable features:
- Accurate touch volume control
- Selectable 9-band subwoofer crossover and phase select
- Analogue mixdown
- Straight/effect switch
- 2-channel stereo mode
- High dynamic power and linear damping
- Wide-range audio frequency response for DVD-Audio/Super Audio CD
- Zone 2 out, IR port and Speaker B for custom installation
- 8-channel external decoder input
- Assignable power amplifier (for zone 2 /presence channels)
- Speaker A, B or A+B selection (front L/R)
- Virtual CINEMA DSP
- Wide-range video bandwidth (60MHz -3dB)
- HDTV compatible component video out
- Preset remote control unit
- Sleep timer
- 40-station preset tuning
- Auto preset tuning

Price  $999.00
List price $1099.00 ~ You save $100.00

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